AMD: Never Again.

October 15, 2006

I just put to rest my second AMD machine in 3 months. I’ll grant you that I had both machines for more than 3 years. However, I have Intel machines that are far, far older (including my original IBM XT) that still work. I believe both motherboards were ASUS. Both machines have the same problem. They won’t boot no matter what I swap out of them. I’ve spent the entire day dealing with these shenanigans. I’m done with AMD.

Thank God Intel has it’s act together on speed again. When the quad core chips come out later this year, I’m going to build a flagship machine around one. I think I’m also going to get a 30” monitor to go with it. I’m not even going to keep it on the KVM. It’s going to be all on it’s own.

Speaking of the KVM, despite the casualties, it’s rocking more than ever. I’ve added a machine that dual boots Linux and Win2k in the mix. It’s also sporting an old All-in-One-Wonder from many years ago. It has a DVD drive and a CD burner and access to 800 GB of hard drive space. It’s also my music server. All this is packed into a 1GHz PIII. This is why people say they don’t need new computers.

So in the KVM I now have all Intel machines: 1 Pentium D, 1 2GHz Pentium 4, and 2 PIIIs. Life is good. One thing the PIIIs won’t do is play Oblivion (not that I have time to play Oblivion). But I still have my Pentium D machine if I ever get any time. In 2007, it’s going to be all about Spore.


2 Responses to “AMD: Never Again.”

  1. […] above is from NewEgg and it signifies my re-entry into AMD’s universe. I had sworn off AMD on these pages in a quite angry fashion as two AMD boxes I had built 3 months apart died within 3 months of each […]

  2. Pkzip Says:

    100% Agreed. I have exactly the same problem with AMD, where I had to rebuild 2 of my machines about 3 times each.
    Always problems with app compatibility and stability!

    Never had any issues with Intel CPUs. I have a web+db server running on a P3 (Linux, mind you) for over a year now without any problems at all! So the next will be similar to yours – a Quad Core Intel based machine.

    Best of luck with yours mate!


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