The Blackberry 8703 e: Further Thoughts.

October 18, 2006

I wish I had gone this way a long time ago.  But 2 ½ years ago I was seduced by the alleged multi-functionality of the Treo.  I saw people using Blackberries and raving about them, but I scoffed at a device that was essentially just good for email.  I had been a Palm user, an iPaq user and other Windows based pdas.  The Treo seemed to be the way to go.

The Treo, however, failed to live up to its promise.  I didn’t use the SD card expansion because it made the device less stable.  I didn’t run 3rd party programs because they were usually buggy and crashed.  The Treo email program was a joke and insecure as heck as far as the data was concerned.  To make matters worse, I couldn’t get the palm software to work reliably with Outlook for my calendar.  This led me to use the Treo merely as a cell phone (an occasionally, a flashlight).  In a way, I felt like I’d lost an electronic limb.

The Blackberry, on the other hand, just works.  Yes, the email is awesome, but it also handles the Calendar quite nicely.  The Treo destroyed my interest in using electronic to do lists.  I’ve gone back to paper, but the Blackberry does that too.  I’ve been skittish as far as trying any third party software.  I suspect that around the holidays, I’ll get around to that. 

In short, I’m overjoyed with the Blackberry.  It’s is a very effective business tool that genuinely increases my productivity.  I coupled it with a Motorola Bluetooth earpiece and that’s been fun too.  So far, there’s been no downside to the Blackberry.  I feel like I’ve been given back the use of a virtual appendage.


42 Responses to “The Blackberry 8703 e: Further Thoughts.”

  1. K Says:

    My treo works great. No problems with the email functions or using outside programs. Doesn’t crash.


  2. thaed Says:

    I’m sure you’re not alone. Many people love their Treos. I just had a bad experience with mine. My Blackberry experience has been far superior to my Treo experience, but that’s just me. As always, YMMV.

  3. berto66 Says:

    I have had my treo 700w for 2 weeks.. I agree with the original thread. I don’t like it at all. It is very buggy and the sound quality is really poor. Installing any software made the system slower and froze the system up. Best thing about the treo is that it takes great pictures.

    Hope the Blackberry is better for me. I have a good feeling about it.

  4. bruce wills Says:

    can you run a printer from a blackberry 8703 using a usb bluetooth plugged into the printer,so by-passing having to go through a computer?
    please reply to

  5. fnook Says:

    How’s the web browsing on the 8703? Can you access web-based e-mail accounts?

  6. thaed Says:

    The web browsing is great! It’s still cell phone slow, but the display is fine. No one does email better than Blackberry. You can get it to push web-based e-mail accounts to your phone. It’s terrific.

  7. GoHorns Says:

    Doing some reseach on the BlackBerry 8703 and the PCS PPC 6700 smart device, trying to decide whether to get a phone/PDA or just getting a PDA. Really don’t need all the fancy functionality a true PDA has other than creating appointments, syncing outlook. I really only need it for scheduling and email use. Using the blue tooth headset are you able to talk and create a new appointment at the same time? On appointment reminders is it louder than just a single tone ring like a PDA?

    Appreciate the help.

  8. bmcgoo Says:

    My experience has been that 3rd party apps work pretty well with bb. However, i find the killer app for the bb is a free one, called berry 411. It makes searching for almost any kind of info a breeze.

  9. thaed Says:

    To GoHorns: yes, you can schedule while on the phone. It asks you if you want to leave the phone screen and go to the main menu. There, you can go into the calendar. You can set your own rings to pretty much everything. It’s loud enough for me.

  10. Robster Says:

    I m one of them… I just ordered 8703e and…to replace my Treo 650. Be honestly, my Treo has been running really good. I wanted to switch because of the EVDO rev. O As well, I can plug it onto my laptop Instead of paying any aircard monthly… I think I made the right decision smile

  11. JLB Says:

    Am thinking of purchasing an 8703e………and a question?

    Using a bluetooth headset, can I “say a name” and have it dial contact or say a number and have it dial?

    Thank You

  12. thaed Says:

    Not with my service on Verizon. I remember Sprint had something like that years ago.

  13. dallaslawyer Says:

    To GoHorns: I’m returning my 6700 and getting an 8703 Blackberry. While the 6700 is a neat device, I couldn’t get it to wirelessly sync my calendar/tasks/notes, even though it would wirelessly sync my email/contacts. And ActiveSync wouldn’t work if WirelessSync was activated, so I was basically SOL in having all my necessary info on my pda. So I reluctantly made the switch.

    I’m getting my Blackberry next week and I’m excited about having all my info in one place again. Thanks for this thread — it’s putting my mind at ease about my decision to “make the switch.”

  14. rdrunner Says:

    Hi, Ive just got mine in the mail today. I was a treo fan for some time. Its frustrating I couldnt use it as a phone. My hearing aid wasnt completely compatitable with it. Plus, the software is just simply adding more cost everytime I turn around.
    I tested this Blackberry at the Sprint store. I was impressed it does well with my hearing aid. Its loud and clear. Im looking forward to getting back to using pda, calendar, etc. I demoted dwon to a cheap cell phone after giving away treo 650. Now, Sprint is up to date with this coool thing!! Im looking forward to having fun with it over the holiday..

  15. ED Says:

    Does the 8703e have voice voice recording capabilities? Please respond to as I just stumbled on to this site and am not sure how to get the reply.

    Thank you,

  16. Yosuke Says:

    Does any one tried using 8703e as a modem for Laptops? I was wondering how fast it can make. Please teach me if anyone already tried. Thank you!

  17. jim Says:

    I have not used mine as a modem but I read in the manual that speeds are not amazing. But, if that is the only connection you have available I guess it will do as a last avenue. There is no digital voice memo capability. Over all it functions much better than my last berry and the speakerphone quality id pretty good.

  18. K-Man Says:

    I have had the PPC 6700, it was ok at first then it started to freeze up. worked great with flash though. Then I traded that one in for the Treo 700wx which to me was the greatest thing, had all the gizmos I was looking for to make my job easier but the screen kept blinking out with a steady white/cream color display, after awhile it kept freezing up on me so it was a normal reboot every morning before i started my day. I got to a point and called Sprint saying I cant deal with this anymore. I spoke to Treo’s level 2 techsupport and asked them what phones would work for me for what I do, they transferred me to a Sprint cellphone sales rep, they didnt help much they (sprint) just told me I went thru the best of the best with them. I asked about Blackberry and they transferred me to a level 2 Blackberry techsupport. They explained to me that they understood they would help me out the best they could and if not just return it within 30 days and they would gladly get me back to a phone of my choice with the Sprint rep’s in on the line to agree. Well needless to say I own a Blackberry 8703e and love it to death. It cant take pictures but my line of work is not looking at pictures its getting all my emails on time, phone calls without dropping, fast web browsing, a locked password safe for passwords/user names etc, and a free navigator (without the voice commands). Now tell me what do you prefer. Cant go wrong with it.

  19. I got my 8703e about a month ago. I know why it is fondly referred to as a crackberry. I am not using it to its full potential. Is there somewhere I can go for a tutorial or something? The guy at the Alltel store loaded a couple of applications and sent me on my way. He did just enough to get me addicted and now I want to do the voice activation stuff and mirror my outlook contacts. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Randy (

  20. thaed Says:

    What did he load you up with? To be honest, I haven’t even had time to do anymore digging. Number one on my list would be a good flash player so I can watch streaming video on it.

  21. Shantanu Says:

    I have used the 8703e as a modem. Its not as fast a cable/DSL broadband but provides good enough speeds to actually be used effectively. I do not get a strong Verizon signal where I live and perhaps that’s the reason for the slow speeds. I’ll be traveling tomorrow and hopefully I get better performance someplace where there is a stronger signal.

  22. Richard Says:

    I haven’t been able to tether my 8703 to my laptop. I’m starting to get frustrated. Any suggestions on the correct way to do it?

  23. Ben Says:

    My treo did exactly the same thing, it crashed constantly on 3rd party add-ons, the hot sync would time out for the gps system i bought for it and i was never able to get it to work, the Good email/calendar client worked for a while but eventually kept throwing “fatal errors”…luckily i survived.

    I am glad to say I’m done with my treo and back to the blackberry world i never should have left.

  24. Carolyn Says:

    Is the phone application good? I have a Kyocera Smartphone & can’t hear people & they can’t hear me on the phone. Am getting ready to upgrade to something else, but want a phone I can hear on.

  25. thaed Says:

    I think the phone application is great. I think the whole phone is great. For me, it’s probably the best phone I’ve ever had.

  26. Sid Kelly Says:

    Just got the 8703—VERY IMPORTANT that I find out how to install voice dial as I drive over 1000 miles a week around Atlanta and can’t be without it—-HELP?????

  27. thaed Says:

    Who is your carrier? You might be out of luck…

  28. Martin Says:

    I have found you site very helpful. I am trying to make the decision to leave my Razr behind and join the rest of the addicts.

    I have three questions for the list:
    1. As a Verizon customer, can I have email pushed to the BB, but still available for download to my PC when next I use it? I use both a Mac and PC. On my PC is my email archive. But when I use my Mac, I only download a copy, and leave the email on the server until my PC next connects. I am looking to know that I can expect the same from the BB?
    2. How is the battery, in real life.
    3. Has Verizon done anything to impair the functionality of the BB as they do with the majority of their “phones”?

    Thanks in advance

  29. thaed Says:

    1. Yes. I don’t know about macs, though.
    2. I get about 2 days on the batter, but it charges off USB, so that’s awesome.
    3. I have no idea.

  30. Leon Says:

    Can you watch e mail attachments on the 8703E that you can view with Real Player on your laptop?

  31. thaed Says:

    I haven’t tried that. I think the memory constraints of the 8703e might be a problem.

  32. Leon Says:

    Thanks ! How about using the 8703e as a modem to connect to a laptop? I used to use my 7100 series but I think Alltel stopped supporting it. Any help would be great.

  33. thaed Says:

    I use the 8703 e as a modem all the time. But I have Verizon’s unlimited “broadband.”

  34. Jason Says:

    Great site! I’m considering switching from my Treo 700w to the 8703e. The one feature that i really liked with the 700w was the flexibilty to select ringtones (or turn the ringer off) for certain events. Specifically, the ability to turn the ringer off for all incoming calls from “Unknown Callers”. Can you tell me if the 8703e has this feature?

  35. thaed Says:

    As far as I know, no. 😦

  36. A kind Ninja Says:

    So Can You Check Your Myspace Or Enter Agame Room From This Blackberry?

  37. BB Says:

    I was told that unlimtied internet access plan that Sprint offers referred to as “Sprint Vision” is NOT compatible with this phone. I already have the phone, but was debating on activating it because they said the ONLY internet plan available for this SPRINT bb’s was a $50/month data plan. Vs. the $15 plan available with all other sprint phones? Can anyone attest as to whether this statement true

  38. thaed Says:

    I use the Verizons not the Sprints. That’s no fun if it’s true, though.

  39. A kind Ninja Says:

    I Was Gonna Use Sprint Plan To Unless Theres Better Plans From Other Companies With The Best Use For This Phone?

  40. gga Says:

    my old bb which i loved went on the blink and the sprint store gave me an 8703e in exchange. It seems to be working great.

    reading all of these comments is giving me a better picture of this new phone..

    a very simple question… how do i get the curser to move over (forward or backward) text to make a correction? My old BB had keys to do this but I can’t see any on this model.

  41. thaed Says:

    Really, the click wheel and the delete keys are your only options.

  42. fergboy Says:

    ilove my bb im a new user and plan to be a faithful one. Can anyone help me with a flash player for my bb?

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