Podcasting with Skype: Seven tips to make it sound great.

October 28, 2006

Skype is a powerful tool and lots of podcasts use it.  Here are some tips to getting the best out of Skype to the point where people will think you’re all sitting together in a room instead of across the country.

One:  Use a fast computer with the fastest bandwidth you can afford to run Skype.  It’s all about bandwidth and speed.  You can run Skype on a slow computer, but you won’t get the best quality.  I use a Pentium D Dual Core machine.
Two:  Use a mixer and a compressor.  The mixer gives you a lot of flexibility as to where you’re going to send the sound.  Also, you can easily have a back up recording going in case you lose your master.  I  use an Alesis mixer and a C-com compressor.
Three:  Use the best microphones that you and your guests can afford.  Shure and Sennheiser make decent stuff.
Four:  Record with a fast computer.  Don’t use one computer to do the whole thing, use two.  The faster one should handle Skype, the slower one should record.
Five:  Insist that your co-hosts and guest run no software in the background while recording your session.  This means no browsing and absolutely no typing.
Six:  Export your recording to a .wav file and run this .wav file through Levelator.  Levelator really makes a difference.
Seven:  Edit your file.  Take out the pauses and Skype artifacts and anything else that takes away from the conversation.  I use Audacity.

If you follow these steps, you will be amazed how great Skype can sound.


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