Guitar Hero for the PS2.

November 5, 2006

It is shameless indeed to buy a game that you want to play under the pretext of it being a gift for your daughter on her 6th birthday.  But that’s what I did with Guitar Hero.  I even threw in a second guitar in case her 3 year old sister wanted to play.

The original Guitar Hero has been around for over a year now.  The sequel is soon to be released.  I had little experience with it however.  After two days of playing with my kids (both of them actually like it even if it’s a little hard for them), I have a few observations.  First of all it’s really accessible.  My wife, who is not a gamer, has been jamming with me.

Next, it’s a category killer game.  Once you play, you want to keep playing.  The game play is smooth, very much like DDR for your fingers.  Also, it captures enough of the rock star mythos so that anyone who has ever dreamed of actually playing guitar can experience some of that fantasy right away.  If you have a PS2, you should get this game.  If you don’t have a PS2, you should buy one on eBay and get this game.

I brought work home this weekend (like usual) and it’s killing me not to be playing through the career mode so I can unlock more songs.  It’s also a game that I want to play on the higher difficulty levels because you can eventually “play” every note.

My six year old is happy (and she got other presents too) and the rest of us are happy.  It’s an awesome game.


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