November 12, 2006

Our lives are made up of moments strung together.  How small an increment of time can change your life forever?  There is the extreme involving sudden violence, but what about just in terms of interaction between other people?

What does it take to change course in life?

I would posit that change from within is the hardest and rarest form of change.  I would also argue that that sort of change, be it in terms of losing weight, getting an education or ending a relationship is not something that happens immediately.

In the category of things happening to a person in life, change can be deep and immediate.  This requires no heroics and the choices made following what life hands you are nothing like those changes from within.

Such is the type of change that I’m dealing with at the moment.  It is a delicate and transitory time.  As I sit here now, experiencing the full meaning of it all, it is almost enjoyable.  Yet, there has been much stress and it really has only begun.  Change still may not happen, but it seems more and more likely.  I am standing at the top of a hill and now I must leap to another hill even though I may fall a bit in the process.

Let’s hope it’s not too far.


3 Responses to “Changes.”

  1. naturalhigh Says:

    The change that you are talking about sounds like mere cause and effect. The logical progression of a chain of circumstancIf you want something truly new and unforeseeable to show up,the paradigm of what you believe to be possible must change.

  2. thaed Says:

    Amen sister.

    It’s a little of both. Yes, mere cause and effect are at work here, but I can choose do do nothing (which has risk) or I can choose to act which also has risk. But if I do as you say and not engage in scarcity thinking, but rather enthusiastically leap to the new challenge, I am probably more likely to end up achieving great things as opposed to ending in oblivion.

  3. “What does it take to change course in life?”

    The determinists who believe fate controls all did not reckon that there is infinite choice at every moment, a test that rules out determinism once and for all.

    The truth is, you don’t even awake in the morning the same person you were the night before. The proof to that is in observing young children, and then not seeing them for six months.

    They are different children then, are they not?

    Don Robertson, The American Philosopher
    Limestone, Maine

    An Illustrated Philosophy Primer for Young Readers
    Precious Life – Empirical Knowledge
    The Grand Unifying Theory & The Theory of Time

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