Shameless eBay Plug: CDs, games & more!

November 28, 2006

Gentle reader, you know I have no ads on my blog.  You know that I don’t hawk things here and when I review something, it is always unbiased, honest and not tied to compensation.

Well tonight that’s all out the window!

Tonight, I’m promoting my eBay auctions!

See I feel compelled to do this because I don’t like having reserves on my auctions, but my lot of 7 CDs that I’m selling is currently only going for a penny!  Boy, if that guy wins that one, he’s going to walk away with $70 worth of music for…  (wait for it) a song!

I’m also selling old PS2 games, and Star Trek and Firefly DVDs.  So, my loyal friend, check these out and if you like what you see, make a bid.  Your ol’ pal Thaed has been on eBay since 1999 and you’ll get your merch quick after that paypal money hits the internets.


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