Age Appropriate for 40 year Olds.

November 30, 2006

I think it was that Glen Beck guy in his usual whine who said something to the effect that Americans are all children who refuse to grow up. He then went on to suggest we were soft because we don’t live in third world hell. But the nugget that I identify with is that I haven’t really wanted much to grow up.

Often the negative example of this is the 30 year old guy hanging around the 18 year old girl because he doesn’t have a job, lives at home and gets high all the time. He doesn’t have anything in common with women his own age. He hasn’t grown up.

Frankly, I think Peter Pan is getting a bad rap!

What about those of us who have jobs, kids, car payments and mortgages? I say if we want to play Guitar Hero, Oblivion, Advance Wars and Age of Empires we should be allowed! If we want to watch Ghost in the Shell or Armitage or whatever robot anime is available, I think we should! We should be free to have interests commonly held by kids who could be our own kids.

Heck, if you don’t like sports and normal television dreck, really what choice do you have?

Just be careful about who you share with the fact that you have the hobbies of a 10 year old. Recently an Internet acquaintance of mine suggested that I probably wouldn’t enjoy going to Ohayocon in January because… well, because I’m too old. Anime conventions are apparently not age appropriate for 40 year olds, unless they are taking their children to the show. And, he’s probably right.

The moral? You can do whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone or as long as you don’t embarrass yourself in public. Sometimes it’s better to keep that inner child locked in the basement.


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