Brain Dead Sunday.

December 10, 2006

I did feel creative when I woke up this morning and I actually shot a video blog that I’d been thinking about for a few weeks. However, after I watched it, I don’t think I can ever embrace this form of expression unless I do it for work. It’s too much of a reputation hit if it goes badly.

So after that, my coffee induced mental sharpness hit the cellar. I manage to make some lunch and play on my DS for a little bit. Then I went to the grocery store. That’s about the extent of my achievements for the day.

Oh and I packed too. I’m off to the West tomorrow and I have to say I’m looking forward to this trip.

This is turning into a very un-Mental Interface like blog entry. This is turning into one of those what-did-I-do-today blogs of which I’m not too partial. Ah well, it fits in nicely with the brain dead theme.

With any luck I’ll still be able to lift some weights today and put some stuff up on eBay tonight. Then the day won’t be a total loss. We’ll see.


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