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Row Your Boat.

February 13, 2007

I had recorded this for my kids.  Then a post on Scottfree2b’s blog made me upload it and post a comment.  Then, I thought, why should he have all the fun?  He’ll probably think it’s spam!

We Are All Nodes.

February 11, 2007

When I write something here, it is duly indexed with all of the other material on the web. My ideas wait for someone who is looking for something, anything, concerning a particular topic. They happen upon what I’ve said on that topic and it may add value or it may not, but it is information created, stored, transmitted and received. I, in turn, take what I need from the web daily. To say that it’s expanded the way I think is an understatement. It’s changed the way my brain works. No longer to I need to retain trivia. Practically any fact I could ever need is at my fingertips.

In a sense, people have always been nodes of information. We’ve just never been so connected like this before. It seems to me that the distance between the nodes has been shrinking. From smoke signals to pony express to talking face to face, information has been moved from person to person with varying degrees of efficiency. Now, not only is information created, but it’s stored outside of a mind, outside of a book, outside of anything we’ve ever had before and perfectly organized on top of it.

This whole process even has different means of expression. There are blogs, and wikis and web pages. And let’s not forget cell phones, they spread information too. Everything is seemly instantly available. Except that it’s not.

That’s the next step: instantaneous communication of the nodes. It’s the creation of a brain within a brain. It’s a true collective unconscious in the form of a bio-mechanical linking of everyone’s minds. It might be your thought, but as soon as you think it, it’s my thought too, if I need it. If I have an observation or thought or I reach a conclusion that another person needs, it will be there. That’s the ultimate incarnation of the concept that information should be free. Not only will it be free, it will be compelled upon us. Like some sort of shared processing program like Seti-at-home, humans will start working, perhaps unconsciously together, at some greater goal.

Perhaps it will be to create a means to improve our lot or perhaps it will be to make another Dukes of Hazard movie, but whatever the result, we will all be closer than ever before.

I can’t get enough of Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog.

February 2, 2007

My sister has two bulldogs and we had one growing up. This dog has been all over the web and he has his own website too. It looks like it’s a couple of years old. I’m amazed that he’s so good at it. He totally owns the skateboard. That’s a seriously smart dog. I can’t stop watching these videos. Most Popular From the Website More Tyson

His website Tyson shows another bulldog his mad skills.