Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD replaces one of my TiVos.

April 14, 2007

I have been a TiVo freak. I modded both my TiVos and actively participated in all things TiVo related for years. I stopped just short of getting a TiVo tattoo. Yesterday, I picked up a new DVR from Cox Cable and now I’m canceling service on one of my TiVo Series 2s.

It’s not TiVo’s fault. It’s my fault for being so cheap. I have a new TV coming (look for a future review on that) and I need the new cable box for the new TV. An HD TiVo is $799.00. The 8300HD is a rental from Cox. Both units require a monthly fee, but I get the 8300HD essentially for free and the service fee is less than the TiVo’s. Both units are 1080i.

I like a lot of hours on my DVR. The current Series 2 that’s taking the bullet has twin 200 GB hard drives for more than 400 hours of storage space. I’m not even sure what the 8300HD has, but I don’t think it’s that much. However, it lets you plug an external SATA drive in the back. I can buy a 1 TB SATA drive and have virtually limitless space. That is awesome. I’m sure the Series 3 will do that too, but there’s that initial investment problem.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not TiVo bashing. I’d rather have the TiVo interface over the 8300HD’s any day. I still don’t have the hang of using the guide. Nothing beats the TiVo interface. I just can’t justify the cost. I’m still keeping one TiVo for my other TV.

4 Responses to “Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD replaces one of my TiVos.”

  1. Erin Says:

    Tivo/DVR rulz! I don’t have nearly the space on mine that you have on yours, but then again when I think of “modifying” something, I’m more likely to think of giving it a new color scheme 🙂

  2. thaed Says:

    Sascha Segan had a similar experience but wrote about it much more eloquently:,1895,2115175,00.asp

  3. […] Drive, No eSata Cable. May 16th, 2007 I’ve written before about how awesome the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD is.  Tonight I impulse-bought a 500 GB […]

  4. Lemuel Heinz Says:

    Very good information in that post, anime takes up a rediculous amount of of my personal spare time.

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