Xbox 360 will do 1080p through its VGA adapter.

April 21, 2007

Xbox 360 will do 1080p through its VGA adapter.

Originally uploaded by Thaed 3.

This picture shows that with the Xbox 360 VGA cable, and the latest upgrade from Microsoft that you can indeed get 1080p on an HDTV. After I set this up today, I watched a little bit of King Kong in 1080p. The detail is like nothing I’ve ever seen. The best my cable box can do is 1080i and the movie on the Xbox HD DVD player is far, far superior. I am going to be watching as many HD DVD movies as I can over the next few months. The new with the Xbox set-up has reawakened my interest in watching television again.


8 Responses to “Xbox 360 will do 1080p through its VGA adapter.”

  1. […] or HD-DVD. Xbox 360 HD DVD playback: Maximum 1080i via component, 1080p VGA-only – Engadget HD Xbox 360 will do 1080p through its VGA adapter. « Mental Interface The more and more reading I do it seems that you have to check the specifications of your TV PC […]

  2. Gray Says:

    Hi i have a SAmsung 40″ M86, but it won’t accept the 1920×1080 via vga….. just cuts to standby

    this is even after todays spring update, and selecting ‘expanded’ in reference levels…

  3. thaed Says:

    That sounds like signal trouble. I’m sorry to hear that. I think everyone would like Microsoft to come out with an HDMI connector for the existing non-elite units.

  4. Fabio Says:

    Hi Gray, I have the same TV and it is giving the same problem. Have you raised the issue with either MS or Samsung?

    Also, when I revert to Component connector (at 1080i or p) the TV tends to drop into stand-by every so often and then come back on automatically – are you getting this too? This problem does not happen when I’m watching TV from other signal sources (but none of them are HD signals).

  5. justin Says:

    What Samsung TV is that

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  7. Nooky Says:

    Thanks for good details.

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