Gaming Weekend Part I.

April 28, 2007

For the first time in many, many months, I’m carving out some big blocks of time to play video games.  Yesterday (Friday) I rented the following games for my Xbox 360:

Dead Rising
The Battle for Middle Earth II
Enchanted Arms

I have the games until Wednesday.  My plan is to blog about them and other gaming I do this weekend.

Last night, I played Crackdown, Dead Rising and Gun.  My impression of these games comes from a different place than a lot of gamers.  First, I’m old.  Second, historically, I’ve been an RTS gamer, not a FPS gamer.  Also, the place where I rented the games didn’t give me any manuals.

So Crackdown, despite being a runaway hit, didn’t do anything for me the first time playing it.  I got into the car and drove over some people.  I couldn’t really figure out what was going on in the game.  I think I need to read some on line material on this one  before I judge it completely, but it didn’t thrill me.

Dead Rising looked great as I started playing.  The graphics are very good.  Yet, once I got into the shopping mall and the old lady opened the doors to get her dog, I was toast.  Many game reviewers billed this game as something funny like Sean of the Dead.  I didn’t really get that vibe.  Also, I can’t stand time limit games.  I’m trying to escape from reality.  My life is a time limit game.  So even though I clearly wasn’t getting the full experience out of this game, it left enough of a bad taste in my mouth to leave it be.

My thoughts on Gun are probably going to elicit some eye rolling.  I liked it the most of these three games.  Sure, there are better shooters, but the story has me hooked.  I’m going to play this one all the way through.  Look, one of my favorite games is Resident Evil 4.  It’s because of the story.  Gun has that sort of feel (although RE4 is superior).  I know, you’re saying:  “he likes Gun more than Crackdown?  What a moron!”  I’m not giving up on Crackdown yet.  I’m going to go back to it.  It’s just that I was able to jump into Gun and start playing it.  That didn’t happen with Crackdown.

This morning is family time and no gaming will be happening.  I might get some time this afternoon and tonight we’re going to a friend’s house.  They have a Wii, so I’m hoping we can play Wii Sports as I haven’t done that yet.

More tomorrow.


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