eSata Drive, No eSata Cable.

May 16, 2007

I’ve written before about how awesome the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD is.  Tonight I impulse-bought a 500 GB eSATA external hard drive for it.  The hard drive it comes with is tiny and I figured this would help.  Sascha Segan inspired me to try this with an article he wrote.  Although it looks like he has since quit using it.  At Best Buy, I had the presence of mind to ask someone if they sold the cable.  According to this fine young gentleman, it’s not out yet.  I thought perhaps I had one at home as I remembered having numerous SATA cables.  Of course I found out later that SATA cables are not the same as eSATA cables.

So now I have this nifty new drive and no cable.  You have to remember, Cleveland Ohio is not exactly the tech capital of the world.  Most of the CompUSA stores have closed.  There is a Microcenter about 40 minutes away, but it’s too late tonight.  I’ll call them tomorrow.  There’s always Newegg, but I don’t want to wait.


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