RAID 0 and Repairing Windows XP.

May 29, 2007

I can be impatient with computers.  When they don’t shut down quickly enough, I’ve been known to hold down the on/off switch causing them to shut down prematurely.  Or I just unplug them.  What the heck, right?  If it causes a .dll problem or some other windows problem, just copy the file to the hard drive and you’re back in business right?

Not if you have your boot drive set up in RAID 0.

I get impatient, right?  I like a machine that boots fast because I don’t like to leave my computers on when I’m not around.  People like to try to hack my boxes.  Or put spyware on them or whatever.  So I turn my computers off when I’m not using them.

Well if you get two Raptor hard drives and you set them up in a RAID 0 format, your machine will boot really fast.  Great for me, since I’m, well, you know, impatient.

Unfortunately, if you corrupt these drives like I did last week by forcing an early shutdown, you’re screwed.  I couldn’t get XP to recognize the partition because it was corrupted.  I lost everything.  Which is to say that I didn’t lose much.  I keep most of my important stuff on a non-Raptor drive.  I just use the Raptors for XP.

But it was still a giant pain.


One Response to “RAID 0 and Repairing Windows XP.”

  1. Tech Says:

    Raid is repairable just have to know what raid it is and the steps a re easy to go by with out losing your data….

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