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Over 40 Gamer Episode 3 is up.

June 20, 2007

I’m frankly a little surprised at the popularity of this show.  If that sounds like a lack of confidence, it’s really more of a lack of marketing.  I haven’t gone internet crazy with this thing at all.  Yet the show is gaining a nice little crowd.  I still intend to keep this project fairly separate from Mental Interface, but I’ll mention the shows here as they are published.

The Perfect Vacation House?

June 17, 2007

I know people with vacation houses.  Every now and then, they invite me to visit.  It’s always nice, but it got me thinking.  If I ever had the money and the inclination to buy a vacation house, what would it be like?

A lot of people buy houses near golf courses, so it’s convenient to play every day that they are there.  I hate golf.

Others will buy houses near water so that they can go boating.  I get seasick and I despise working on boats.

It was suggested to me that perhaps a beach house would be nice because everyone likes to go the beach.  Meh.

If a vacation house lets you get away and do things that you like to do, then I guess mine would be a cave with a 100 inch television.  It would have broadband, high end computers and all the gaming platforms available.  Then I was thinking, why would I bother with creating this environment when I can just do all that stuff at home?

Maybe I’m just not the vacation home type of person.

A glorious week alone with my computers.

June 3, 2007

Tomorrow I am beginning my work at home “vacation.”  Some people work at home regularly.  For me it is a fairly rare experience.  I’ll grant you that a pure vacation without work duties would be better.  Just the same, I’m looking forward to being home in my home office working away.

There are many advantages.  I don’t have to get dressed up.  The bathroom is much closer (and for that matter, cleaner).  I have free access to all the food I could want at any time.  The biggest advantage is that I will be able to work on this project with few interruptions.

Of course there are disadvantages.  All my toys are here.  I will need to use the discipline imposed by the Friday deadline to ignore the entertainment at my fingertips and press on.

I think it will be a very positive week indeed.

The Universe is a big place and we are very small (but we can still have a good time).

June 2, 2007

I thought I’d link to another blog today.  This blog post is particularly poignant, not for the religion/anti-religion stuff (and especially the tiresome comments) but for another human being being awed by the staggering size of our galaxy and the universe itself.  Moreover, it is an expression of being in awe while simultaneously understanding our minimal significance in it.  The tie-in to Lovecraft is wonderful too.

There are ways around the depression that comes with truth.  Embracing what we are helps:  highly evolved, curious apes with big pleasure centers.  Even though like Percy Shelley says all we ever do will amount to dust, we can still have fun in the doing.  Realizing potential is an end in itself.  In fact, that, and loving each other is all we have.

Over 40 Gamer Podcast.

June 1, 2007

I’ve debated talking about this podcast on Mental Interface.  I wanted to keep it separate, but at the same time, it’s worth mentioning here.  I’m involved in it, so I should discus it.

The concept behind Over 40 Gamer is to discuss gaming with a segment of the population that is under represented.  Compared to typical demographics, this type of person makes up a small part of the population.  Nevertheless, it’s a group that needs a voice.

If you are 1) over 40 and 2) you like gaming at all, give it a listen.  If you’re under 40 and you want to hear gaming discussed from an ENTIRELY different perspective, then give it a shot too.