A glorious week alone with my computers.

June 3, 2007

Tomorrow I am beginning my work at home “vacation.”  Some people work at home regularly.  For me it is a fairly rare experience.  I’ll grant you that a pure vacation without work duties would be better.  Just the same, I’m looking forward to being home in my home office working away.

There are many advantages.  I don’t have to get dressed up.  The bathroom is much closer (and for that matter, cleaner).  I have free access to all the food I could want at any time.  The biggest advantage is that I will be able to work on this project with few interruptions.

Of course there are disadvantages.  All my toys are here.  I will need to use the discipline imposed by the Friday deadline to ignore the entertainment at my fingertips and press on.

I think it will be a very positive week indeed.

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