The Perfect Vacation House?

June 17, 2007

I know people with vacation houses.  Every now and then, they invite me to visit.  It’s always nice, but it got me thinking.  If I ever had the money and the inclination to buy a vacation house, what would it be like?

A lot of people buy houses near golf courses, so it’s convenient to play every day that they are there.  I hate golf.

Others will buy houses near water so that they can go boating.  I get seasick and I despise working on boats.

It was suggested to me that perhaps a beach house would be nice because everyone likes to go the beach.  Meh.

If a vacation house lets you get away and do things that you like to do, then I guess mine would be a cave with a 100 inch television.  It would have broadband, high end computers and all the gaming platforms available.  Then I was thinking, why would I bother with creating this environment when I can just do all that stuff at home?

Maybe I’m just not the vacation home type of person.

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