More Screen Shots of the Samsung ln-t5265f

July 1, 2007


Originally uploaded by Thaed 3

I’ve had my TV for a little more than two months now. I am still in love with it. This picture was taken straight on with me sitting on the couch. I took the pic at approximately 10:00 a.m. on a sunny morning. Those of you worried about glare shouldn’t. Yes, it does reflect my camera’s flash, but that’s to be expected. I could not be more pleased.

I posted a more detailed review here previously about the TV.  I have to say that I tend to be unemotional when I review something.  I completely lost it here.  It’s the most unabashedly fanboy review I’ve ever done.  However, I have to say that I still feel pretty strongly about it.

Here’s another pic from the side to avoid the flash.  The resolution of the television show being displayed is in 1080i.  You should see 1080p!


6 Responses to “More Screen Shots of the Samsung ln-t5265f”

  1. Markkoz Says:

    hi, i got a HD disc the other day and put it in my samsung dvd 155r which is connected to my sammy 32″ but it would not play the disc. Ant ideas? it is inly connected with scarts, what is this hdmi cable?

  2. thaed Says:

    Is that even an HD DVD player? I can’t find the specs on it. An HDMI cable is an new interface cable that transmits both the hi def digital signal along with sound. It works quite well on my PS3. To play HD DVDs, you need a player that supports the format. The same is true for Blu-Ray and I think there’s only one unit that does both.

  3. Alan Pearman Says:

    Dude,how was your experience buying the tv online?I have shopped and shopped and decided this is the one for me,but Circuit City has it a thousand dollars more than the cheapest I could find it online.Ive heard some horror stories about buying expensive items online,them breaking,and people going through hell trying to get it fixed.Its not like you can just take it back to the store.Thanks.

  4. thaed Says:

    It wasn’t bad. I got the $250 high end delivery and maybe that helped? There’s a link to where I bought it from in the first post I did about the TV.

  5. Bulky Says:

    Hi there….Was it difficult to set up? what about the weight issue when unboxing and placing it on the stand?

  6. thaed Says:

    It was cake. It’s only 75 lbs. My wife and I put it on the stand with no problems.

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