“This is the nerd equivalent of being a cat lady.”

July 7, 2007

Normally I don’t blog about blogs, much less blog about comments left on blogs.  This, however, is a special exception.  Kotaku, the source of all information that is gaming, reported on a couple who have 46 World of Warcraft accounts, 47 PCs and manage 23 WoW accounts between them.  They have a side by side rig with two Lazyboy chairs and 7 monitors.

One can just imagine what their waking hours are like:  16 hours a day of non-stop WoW interrupted only by food and adult diaper changing breaks probably only done once a day to maximize efficiency.  Even hardcore geeks are amazed, leading one commenter, Nikolii to quip brilliantly:  “This is the nerd equivalent of being a cat lady.”

I want to know more.  I want to see them play.  I want to know how they can afford this kind of lifestyle.  I want to see these people!  Mainstream press should pick up on this story!

Of course the mainstream might wonder why they do this.  I know the answer to this, because it’s fun, in a really, really obsessive way.  And I can relate to it a little bit.  I have 15 computers (not all of them are up) but 8 are in use all the time.  I’m not sure that’s like having 8 cats though.  Computers don’t need litter boxes.

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