Netflix, HD DVD, Blu-Ray and random movie watching.

July 15, 2007

Netflix is letting you pick a priority order now of how you want your queue. I picked Blu-Ray, HD DVD and DVD. There is a crapton of stuff out on Blu-Ray now. It’s kind of amazing.

This weekend, I watched The Warriors, Ghost in The Shell Solid State Society, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I’m too lazy to do a full review, but I’m never too tired to give my opinion. The Warriors had such an impact on me as a kid in 1979. I remember it being campy. It was. I still enjoyed it though. GiTS was good. I’ve enjoyed every bit of that mythos. I found Fear and Loathing to be unwatchable. I’m sorry, I liked the book, but I hated the characters in the movie.

Next up in the queue is Ghost Rider, TMNT and Memento. I heard Ghost Rider isn’t so bad. Turtles from the 80s didn’t make me run to the theater, but it’s a rental. Memento is on a lot of people’s list as one of their all time favorites. I’m glad I waited because now I get to see it on Blu-Ray.

I’m also sending in for my 5 free Blu Ray disks. The choices aren’t great, but I’m thinking: Invincible, Blazing Saddles, Stir of Echos, Black Rain and The Transporter 2. I’ll watch them and then put them up on eBay (except Blazing Saddles).

5 Responses to “Netflix, HD DVD, Blu-Ray and random movie watching.”

  1. sirjorge Says:

    i switched from netflix to blockbuster….netflix totally screwed me on 2 dvd’s…it was sad.

    I like the priority thing though, that’s new.

  2. […] had blogged on July 15th that I sent in for 5 free Blu-Ray disks after buying my PS3. Today, I received them via regular […]

  3. hearthealth Says:

    Congrats for taking the plunge with Blu Ray, although some–inc. CNET–advise waiting. In the meantime, here’s two good sites re choosing an “ideal” home theater: Why not check out my two favorite home theater trend spotters? CNET, with the appropriate models suited for the size of your living
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    Home theater tips here

  4. Jayesh Says:

    Have u noticed how every superhero series has 1 main character, the leader, that holds the group together … For Watchmen, it’s the dashin Dr Manhattan!!! Check out their facebook page

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