Over 40 Gamer Episode 6 is up.

August 19, 2007

Lots of podcasting stuff this weekend. Is there a season for podcasting? On this episode of OFG, I talk about the upcoming patch to Overlord for the 360; my ongoing experiences with Resident Evil 4; the recent mod chip raid; PSP desires; the Bioshock demo; Heavenly Sword haters; The Guild; Puzzle Quest and Real Life as a game. There’s also a bit of a rant against iMacs in there.

After I did the show, I don’t think I spent enough time talking about The Guild. I’m not a huge fan of internet tv shows, but I actually subscribed to this one’s newsletter. I’m impressed by how spot on the game related humor is. I think it’s so good because the star writes the show. She’s clearly brilliant. Math genius, musician, actress and ballerina? My goodness! But then I’m always all aflutter for the polymaths. You can tell she’s worked with Joss Whedon. The humor is similar.


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