Friday Night Party Line Episode 15 is up.

August 25, 2007

After more than a year’s hiatus, the show is back as promised.

Here are the topics for Episode 15:

–A quick down and dirty explanation of the sub-prime lending mess in the U.S.

–Is geography important?  I know a woman who, when she finished school, moved to the city where she wanted to live and waited tables until she found a job in her field.  Most people normally do the opposite:  the job dictates where you live.  Does it matter?  (9:16)

–There’s a video about a guy who collects apple computers: Are you this way about anything?  C’mon, you’ve really got 400 GI Joes, don’t you? (20:06)

–Home theater:  where do you stand now, what do you want to get, what do you recommend.  What did you pick Blu-Ray or HD DVD? (30:57)

–Modeling human behavior has become more advanced.  There’s a huge market for being able to predict human response to a given stimulus from a military, corporate and political perspective.  How far do you think we are really and how far do you think this technology will go? (45:02)

–We used to talk about futurism a fare amount on this show.  What signs do you see that indicate major technological progress in our society?  Do you think we’ll have a singularity event by 2020?  2050? Ever? (51:37)

–Editing podcasts:  a primer.  (1:01:12)

Special thanks to David, Nathan and Scott for making our first show back a heck of a lot of fun!

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