AMD Build Update.

September 2, 2007

On Friday night, I put everything together and turned it on. It posted on the first try. I think that the feeling you get when that happens is one of the special moments in the hobby. I’m pretty pleased. The parts from New Egg were prompt in arriving and as builds go, this one was easy.

To recap, I used these parts from New Egg and added a heat sink and power supply I picked up at Micro Center. I had thought that I had both of those parts lying around that would work, but it turned out not to be the case. I added two 200 GB hard drives scavenged from an old modded TiVo and another 250 GB drive from an old PC. The rig is computer 4 in a KVM I have set up in my office.

Since Friday, I’ve been debating what to do about the operating system. In the past, I’ve been able to pick up upgrade copies of Windows XP for $50. Now, of course, Microsoft wants to sell Vista so it’s not making any deals on XP. Vista Home Premium is on sale today for $219.00. I have no problem with Vista. In fact, I’m using it on my laptop as I type this. But $219.00 is more than the AMD machine cost me to build. This is why Ubuntu is so popular.

Speaking of Ubuntu, it’s working great on the old Pentium 4 2 GHz machine that I was going to give away. It turns out that the person didn’t want it! Hooray! So now it becomes computer 2 on the KVM replacing a P3 1 GHz machine running XP which moves to a stand alone station for my daughters. I’m having fun with Ubuntu. Right now, this machine is running Wireshark 24/7.

You can tell you’re old when you spend two or three days thinking about something that would have been a snap decision in your youth. I did try to put Win2k on the new AMD box, but it wouldn’t recognize the full size of the drives. I know with updates that it would, but the boot drive (I believe) would never be recognized at it’s full size even after updates. I do have an old 80 gig drive I could use as a boot drive as a work around. Here’s all my options: Buy Vista (no way), Buy XP (no way), try to make Win2k work (maybe), kill one of my other XP boxes to transfer the license, or run Ubuntu. I don’t want to kill any of the other boxes. The only real options are to try again with Win2k after I swap out the drive or take out the 250 GB drive and run Linux.

I’ll probably make the decision today.


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