September 3, 2007

I’ve been playing with a program called Minibench all evening.  It’s a series of tests for your computer that runs in a DOS prompt.  The values give you insight as to what you’re computer is good at.  The number of seconds that it takes to finish the test seems to be the final benchmark.

As I’ve said, I built a new AMD machine the other night and I was astonished tonight that it damn near beat my flagship machine, finishing the test in 621.13 second versus 592.89 seconds.  It shouldn’t be close at all.  The flagship machine is a water-cooled dual-core Intel (admittedly an early one) overclocked to 3.4 GHz.  Just for kicks, I overclocked the AMD machine, stabilizing it at a 220 CPU modifier.  It started out with scores 8% better, but the box shut off shortly after the test started.  I had the box temperature shut off set to 60 degrees C because I don’t really have a cooling unit rated for overclocking on the machine.  This is a lot of fun, but I’d rather not have a fire


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