Computer daydreaming.

September 5, 2007

I’ve been thinking about getting involved in some overclocking forums.  The thing about it is that while I think it’s a lot of fun, I really only do it when I get new computer equipment.  While this happens ten times more frequently for me than for normal people, it’s still not that frequent.  I mean as a hobby goes, the desire doesn’t get sated that often.  In fact, I would build computers every weekend if I could.  Some guys like to work on cars, I like to work on computers.

I still am thinking about building a new flagship computer.  This would be a family computer to replace the atrocious iMac.  I’m thinking overclocked quadcore.  I’m thinking surround sound.  I’m thinking Dell 30” monitor.  Flagship machines should be ridiculously powerful.

It’s going to be a while before this happens though.  Flagship machines require cash.


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