Podcast Frenzy.

September 8, 2007

Being home and sick with a laptop let me catch up on podcast editing.  I posted new episodes of both FNPL and OFG.

 Friday Night Party Line:

Tonight’s hosts:  Dave, Nathan, Scott & Thaed.  Here are the topics:

–Is it possible to get paid for just being you?  Does a job exist where you do whatever you want to do and getting paid for it?  (2:13)

–Is Steampunk bunk?  Is there any point to it?   http://www.boston.com/news/globe/ideas/articles/2007/08/26/the_age_of_steampunk/?page=3      (8:42)

–David’s topic:  Did you see that the kid who hacked the iPod got a Z Car?  http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/ptech/08/28/iphone.unlocked.ap/index.html
Plus, what do you think of the iTouch?    (15:17)

–Have you guys seen the Pleo?  Is this going to be a hit?  Will it be better
than the Aibo?  Worse?  (25:37)

–What things do you do on the weekend to make your week go more smoothly?   (29:14)

–What are your thoughts on skyscrapers?  Should they still be built?  Are they a good use of space?  Will they continue to be built?
/1001    (38:49)

–Female traveling willberries:  Who would you pick to be an all female rock band from mature female singers? (41:14)

–Oobuntoo?  (45:59)

Sites where you can find more information about Nathan, Scott and Thaed:


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Email Thaed at thaed@cox.net
Direct download: Friday_Night_Party_Line_Episode_16.mp3

Over 40 Gamer

Special guests:  Dave, Nathan & Scott.  We discuss Zelda speed runs, emulators for console games (NES, Super NES, Genesis, Playstation, etc) and getting your games back if your console dies.  This might be the best discussion about emulators ever had on a podcast (or not).

Email me at over40gamer@gmail.com.

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Direct download: Over_40_Gamer_Episode_7.mp3


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