Friday Night Party Line Episode 17

September 29, 2007

We are definitely back into regular production on this show.  This is the third show since we’ve been back and it marks the return of Ray from the original show.  We also have newcomer Kyle who made an excellent first show impression.  David joined us mid-show.

Here are the topics:

–After Alan Greenspan’s interview aired on 60 Minutes, the price of gold has gone up.  He predicts future double digit inflation.  If hyperinflation happens in this country, does it make sense to to keep $5k in gold coins just to buy bread?  Silver is another option, but it’s more volatile.  What do you think a person should do by way of currency in the face of world wide economic chaos?

–Does your source of news color your world-view?  Geeks generally get news from a variety of sources, but what if your only source was CNN, Fox News or your local newspaper.  Would the particular agency viewpoint make you see things only in that light?  (11:15)

–Do Not Want.  You’ve seen the meme, but what things in life do you actively avoid?  (25:07)

–There was an article on Digg about a guy who was active on the Something Awful forums who killed a couple of people.  Is it strange that they bothered to link a killer to a forum?  Are forums new ways to associate people?  Are forums the new Masons?  Or is it more like the Sharks and the Jets?  (36:16)

–Teh social networks.  Do you use any of them?  I had someone find me from High School yesterday on Facebook.  I’ve had some good discussions on Linkedin.  But is there any real point to it and can you explain how Facebook could really be worth more than $1.95 instead of $10 billion or half what General Motors is worth?  (46:41)

–If you could own and operate a manufacturing plant, what would you make?  (51:58)


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