Friday Night Party Line Episode 18.

October 13, 2007

This weeks show was kind of special in that the two stars of another podcast were co-hosts.  We’ve had Scott on frequently since we came back, but this was Rym’s first appearance.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Ray and Kyle and I did our best to keep up.

Here are the topics:

–Tax evading idiots and blogosphere response.  There were some tax cheats recently captured by the U.S. Government and bloggers went nuts.  Why is it so hard for some people to pay their taxes?
—  Unusual experiences with people you’ve sold stuff to.  I had a recent
encounter with a very motivated dude concerning a car.  (8:33)
–best hotel rooms you’ve ever occupied and why.  (16:18)
–8 simple-minded ways to enjoy every day.   (25:59)
–Classical literature versus comic books and manga.  Shouldn’t you limit your consumption of lowbrow entertainment?  (42:56)
–What questions do you have about life?  Thinking people work out most of the main issues and life isn’t really much of a mystery.  Do you even have any and if so what are they?  (59:24)

(I have to make mention of the fact that I had never heard the term Hikikomori until Scott used it in this show.  Thanks for that.)

Sites where you can find more information about Rym, Scott and Thaed:

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