Reductionism and good weather.

October 20, 2007

Lately, I’ve been on a kick where I reduce every experience in my life to its essence.  For example, take travel.  To me, travel is only important if it is specifically necessary.  I frequently travel to faraway places for work.  For work, it makes sense.  People are willing to pay to fly me somewhere to do something.  That’s fine.  Travel for vacation makes a lot less sense.  There’s not much reason for me to travel for fun.  The things I think are fun are all indoor activities that I can do best at home.

This is what I mean by reductionism.  Some people like parasailing.  To  me, it makes no sense.  It’s just danger coupled with wind and height.  Some people like camping.  To me, it is discomfort that you do voluntarily.  I’ve never been into self punishment.

Now, the only exception I can see for vacation travel in the winter is to go somewhere sunny and warm.  Mind you, since I’m not likely to go outside anyway, it’s not mandatory.  But there is something to the seasonal affective disorder problem.  Cold weather sucks.  Even if you stay inside most of the time, you have to go out to get food.  Plus, even inside, cold weather dries everything out.   It’s not fun.  Last winter, for example, I went to Key West for a weekend in the winter.  It helped a lot.

I’ve been to paradise, but I wouldn’t want to live there.  Hawaii has the best weather I’ve ever experienced  Yet, Internet there isn’t the greatest and you have to pay so much for the cost of living.  Many people have pointed out to me that living in Cleveland makes sense for me.  The cost of living here is very low, Internet service is great and I have a great job.  Sure I have to deal with snow in the winter, but honestly, Cleveland suits me.


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