Friday Night Party Line Episode 19

October 27, 2007

Tonight’s hosts:  David, Scott, Kyle & Thaed.  Here are the topics:

–Ask the Economist.
–Reductionism and the enjoyment of life.  Does understanding everything in daily life to a fundamental level destroy the capacity to enjoy it?  Does greater understanding of the universe make life less desirable?  (9:06)
–In a future world of hyper efficiency, what will people do for a living?  (16:20)
–Say you are a billionaire and you want to make your home town a better place.  How do you use your money to make this happen?  (21:03)
–Dave’s Stalin Quote:  death of a soldier is a tragedy, the death of a 1000 soldiers is a statistic.  Was this ever true?  Is it true today?  (39:43)
–What will it take for Linux to make really progress in the marketplace against Windows?  (44:21)
–Golf:  is it still how business is acquired?  Do you have to play golf to be successful?  Can you play WoW instead?  (53:21)

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