Over 40 Gamer Episode 9.

November 22, 2007

I’m back in the podcasting saddle!
Here’s a partial list of what I ramble on about (not necessarily in this order):

I.Games I’m playing now.
A.    Resident Evil 4.  (PS2)
B.    PS3
1.Rock Band.
2.Eye of Judgment.
C.    Wii Sports
D.    xBOX nothing  red ring problems
E.    DS.
1.Phoenix Wright.
2.Phantom Hourglass.
F.    PSP: Dungeons & Dragons Tactics
II.Games I’ve Finished!
A.    Overlord.
B.    Portal.
III.Gaming articles 
A.    Ratchet & Clank.
B.    Scene it.
V.Gaming philosophy
VI.Games I want.
A.    Mass Effect.
B.    Uncharted:  Drakes Fortune.  What a dumb name.
A.    Finally got a Wii!

Email me at over40gamer@gmail.com.

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