Audio quality is one of the most important elements of podcasting.

November 24, 2007

I’m sitting here wishing I’d brought my charger for my laptop.  I have a second laptop, but it’s not as flexible as this one.  I always forget something when I travel.

Fortunately, I have my DS and my PSP and a few books to entertain myself.  Maybe I’ll even venture out to Best Buy or some other retail hell today.

I was listening to a show last night that had a big name (in geek circles anyway) guest.  The show was decent enough, but the audio quality was so uneven that I had to keep adjusting the volume on my car stereo.  This is extremely annoying.  It’s one thing when it’s a punk kid show with no content.  It’s quite another when the show is associated with a magazine and the guest is actually someone you want to hear.  I left a much nicer comment than the above diatribe with a suggestion that they start using Levelator.  If you don’t have a producer whose sole job it is to watch the dials on the mixer, you need software to do it in post, especially when it’s a Skype-cast.


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