Friday Night Party Line Episode 21

December 1, 2007

Tonight on FNPL, we have David, Scott, Kyle, Rym & Thaed.  Here are the topics:

–Why do people keep that which they do not use?  You have people with real problems throwing things away in an extreme way.  Their houses are full of what amounts to garbage.  On the other hand, some people throw away something immediately when it no longer has a ready purpose.  Many of us are somewhere in between.  Is it ok to keep something you don’t use?

–We now have the scientific capability to track human abilities and illnesses to genetic characteristics.  Should we then score genetic potential in humans the same way we do I.Q.  Should everyone be tested and then receive a gene score?  Would this create new bar-room bragging between the sexes?  Would it create a new line of insults?  Is it horrific or inevitable?  (15:54)

–Excesses in entertainment consumption.  Those of us who were alive in the 80s remember the emergence of conspicuous consumption.  Today, however, I would propose that we have more ways to entertain ourselves than ever before to the point where there’s kinds of entertainment that we forgo not because we don’t like it, but because there’s something we like slightly more.  Is this bad?  (41:08)

–Ask the Economist:  Earlier this month, the offices of the folks who make the Liberty Dollar were raided.  What do you think about this?  Federal law is pretty darn specific about who gets to issue currency in this country?  What’s the deal?  How is this different from giving someone a promissory note or a share in stock for example?  Bonus discussion on IRAs and 401ks.  (50:29)

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