Playing around with FreeNas.

December 4, 2007

I set up a computer tonight running FreeNas.  I successfully wrote files to it over my network from both a windows box and a Linux Box.  I have this unhealthy fixation on network storage.  I already have a Netgear NAS and an external USB drive that plugs into my router.  I have a terabyte of existing NAS storage.  So why do I need to be monkeying around with FreeNas?

Because I can, mostly.  It’s fun.  It’s actually very straightforward.  I wanted to play around with it tonight on this test box I have with an 80 gig drive in it.  Ultimately, I want to build a RAID 5 unit with 3 250 gig drives.  What I don’t have is one place for all my data that is not vulnerable to disk crashes.

I really, really want a Drobo, but maybe I can build a poor man’s Drobo using FreeNas.


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