NAS Nightmare.

December 12, 2007

Having smelled a wiff of success with FreeNAS, I’ve now spent the last few nights trying to build my own RAID 5 Server with Linux.  Linux comes in so many flavors.  I’m playing with Fedora now in my vision quest.  I’ve grown quite familiar with Ubuntu and Fedora is kind of alien.  Yet, in some ways it is more powerful.  The primary way this is true is that Fedora lets you set up a software RAID 5.  Ubuntu does not (at least as far as I can tell).

As of right now, I have the Fedora machine set up with a functioning RAID 5 with three 250 GB drives.  I’ve been stalled for hours, however, in something as simple as getting Samba to work.  Samba is what lets the windows machines talk to the Fedora box.

After many hours of head banging and googling, I think I have it figured out.  It seems Fedora comes with it’s own security software called SELinux.  This software doesn’t let Samba or windbind do anything.  Yet disabling this security did nothing.  The Windows machines still can’t see the Fedora box at all.

The next night…
I changed one setting in samba from workgroup to mshome and the shares were recognized by the other machines, ironically in the workgroup folder.  I thought I had finally had my cheap and easy server.  Nope.  I could see the shares with the other machines, but I could not write to them.  I file server that doesn’t let you see the files or write to the files does not do much good I’m afraid.  I am now down to editing the smb.conf file.  This is not where I want to be.  A friend of mine has suggested that he might have an old RAID card lying around that he can give me.  Certainly, that would make things much easier.  In fact, I could probably go back to FreeNAS at that point.

But I press on, continuing to try new things.  I may go with the RAID card though.  We’ll see.


2 Responses to “NAS Nightmare.”

  1. zywcu Says:

    Have you got any experience with Samba tansfer in FreeNAS. My 100Mb NIC is working in 12-15 Mb mode when I copy sth to share from my WinXP. I’m newbie and looking for reason of that. It’s not simple.


  2. thaed Says:

    If you go to Gigibyte routers, nics and cables, that helps. Also, there are settings you can change in both freenas and XP to maximize throughput. Check out Source Forge. Also, look at this article:

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