CompUSA is going out of business and more RAID stuff.

December 14, 2007

CompUSA is going out of business.  I had a chance to go there today and pick up a few things.  I would not say that it’s like a fire sale or anything, but I did get a decent price on a computer case and Peggle.  When I see computer cases on sale, I always want to buy them.  Computer cases aren’t much fun to buy via mail order because they push up the shipping prices.

I also bought a very cheap RAID card.  Now it’s only RAID 0 or 1, but I was thinking that if I clear out another 250 GB drive, that I can have 4 drives in the machine with 2 & 2 in RAID 1.  This gives me 2 mirrored drives instead of one giant drive, but the card was dirt cheap and I’m not working with high end equipment here.  The result is going to be nearly the same:  a file server with pretty good reliability.  Unless I’m completely missing the boat here, I can also go back and use FreeNAS now (the stable version).  Ironically, it also occurs to me as I type this that I could have probably done the same thing without the card using the stable version of FreeNAS with a software RAID.  Ah well, hardware RAIDs are supposed to be faster and more reliable anyway.


2 Responses to “CompUSA is going out of business and more RAID stuff.”

  1. Scott Says:

    Have you tried any of the other free file server distros like Openfiler or NASLite?

  2. thaed Says:

    Openfiler doesn’t support local users. It’s powerful, but all I want is to use the network locally, so that wasn’t for me. NASLite isn’t free.

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