FreeNAS Glory.

December 16, 2007

So it’s been up for over a day.  I hate to start getting too excited after all I’ve been through.  So here’s what I did two nights ago.  I installed the RAID card I bought from CompUSA.  When I wrote that I could just use the 4 drives without the RAID card, I wasn’t thinking.  I would not have been able to use the CD-ROM drive.  That would not have worked.  Using the RAID card, however, I ended up in the same spot.

I used the card’s BIOS to set up a 0+1 array.  Then I loaded FreeNAS and tried to configure it.  FreeNAS recognized the drives, but not the hardware RAID.  So what I ended up doing was using the software mirroring of RAID 1 built into FreeNAS to make 2 RAID 1 drives.  So I got the benefit of using 4 drives with the cards, but I didn’t get the speed benefit of a 0+1 array.  Considering how little money I put into this, I’m really not unhappy.  I even got Vista to recognize the drives and send data to them.

It’s still early.  I thought I had had success with FreeNAS before, but I was using the beta.  Here, I’m using the stable version, but there could still be problems.  The one thing that I love about FreeNAS is the connectivity.  It just works.  I’m supporting 5 operating systems in this house and they can all talk to FreeNAS without any gymnastics.  I never did get Samba to work in Fedora despite days of effort.

I cannot say enough how cool it is to have a “real” file server.  In the past when I’ve tried to use windows shares or the Netgear toaster or even a USB drive attached to my router, I’ve had problems.  Often, the servers would drop or one particular type of OS wouldn’t see the shares or things would just be really slow or get bogged down.  Here I have great throughput and I’m able to do lots of different things at once with multiple computers.  Ahhh, it’s very satisfying.


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