Friday Night Party Line Episode 23

January 12, 2008

This week’s show features David, Scott, Viga and Thaed.  Here are the topics:
1)How much of our behavior comes from other people?  We imitate, we keep up with the Joneses.  How much do we do because other people are doing it?  How much do we do because we are genuinely interested in what other people are doing?    Are we looking for richness in our own lives?  Are we looking for what we should be doing?
2)On some of these house hunter, remodeling shows, you see young people buying half million dollar homes.  Who are these people?  Is this real?  What do they do for a living?  Are these rich, 1st time home buyers the solution to the housing price decline?
3)Zurich Axioms, a 1985 book, was available through Ben’s Bargains for free this week and we discuss.
4)Are memories irrelevant?  If you have a fun time at a beach does it really help your life?  Once you get beyond “don’t touch a hot stove” is memory useful.  If it’s not, then is fun itself only for the moment?
They are going to fix the Hubble.  Is it worth it?
6)What do you think about the fight between Intel and the so called $100 laptop folks?
7)Should we all stop being productive and start playing WoW, I mean, what’s wrong with us?  Penny Arcade is doing it, why shouldn’t we?
8)Are you looking to buy any toys for yourself in the coming months?  If so, what?

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