Friday Night Party Line Episode 24

February 2, 2008

Tonight’s episode features Ray, Scott, Viga and newcomers Neito and Hungryjoe.  Here are the topics:

1. Look at this article on these artificial intelligence guys who killed themselves.  Do you think that there’s something about this field that causes people to go crazy?  Do you think that there is a conspiracy here?
2.I’m very much into playing with AI even though the state of the art is, well, lacking.Do you think we’ll ever have software that allows you to interact with your computer in a way that’s more than basic voice commands or mouse clicking? How many years away is this? Is it another flying car?
3.State of podcasting today:  are video podcasters killing the internet radio stars?
4.Are we child men (or women?)  Is there any merit to this article?  Why or why not?
5.Model turned bodyguard gets killed.  Is having martial arts skills meaningful anymore?  If someone has a gun or gets the jump on you, does it matter?  Look at the mixed martial arts guys that are so popular now. Isn’t this just wrestling?  And given the fact that boxers do poorly against these guys, shouldn’t people just learn to wrestle?
6.What are you willing to do to extend your lifespan?  Eat less?  Exercise?  Take drugs?  Would you do what Stallone admits to doing?
7.Watch this TED video: What do you think?  Does he have something here that can help people be happy?  Are outcomes really irrelevant?  What about persistent misery?  Haven’t you ever known people who are never happy?  Have you ever met people who buy something and they are never happy with it?

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