Quadcore indifference.

March 27, 2008

Well the new quadcore chips are out. NewEgg has the new Intel Q9300, Q9450 and the screaming QX9770. If you recall, I was very excited about these chips a few weeks ago. But things change. I built a quadcore machine and I am now using it upstairs. It is attached to my HDTV. It’s terrific. For the first time, I can watch the HD home movies that I’ve shot over the years easily. Is it as fast as the new chips? No, but it is fast enough for now.

Two factors have affected my chip interest level. I bought a new laptop and I effectively stopped playing games. The laptop alone can handle 90% of my computing needs. It is nothing short of awesome. Inevitably, I will return to gaming. But for now, I have all the computer horsepower I need for whatever I need.

As a side benefit, I have a computer project for my parents to keep me busy. I also want to redo one of my file servers. Eventually, I want to build a third file server to act as a backup for my main file server. These projects will take me through the summer but they do not require heavy iron By the time I am ready to build at a new flagship machine, six core and perhaps even eight core chips will be available.

Right now, in this house, I am supporting more computers than any one human can use. I certainly prefer it that way.


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