Friday Night Party Line Episode 25.

April 19, 2008

So FNPL comes and goes depending on what I’ve got going on. It went away for an entire year and then came back. It’s been gone a couple of months, but now it’s once again returning. Tonight I finally finished editing the episode David, Kyle, Hungry Joe, Neito and I did some months ago. Next week, if all goes well, something crazy exciting should happen. In the meantime, here are the topics:

–Do we need libraries anymore?
–Should the cities surrounding the Great Lakes sell the water to other cities? (7:10)
–Is Police Brutality increasing in the U.S.? (11:30)
–Is college a waste of time and money? (22:30)
–Is Canada the land of pot smoking music pirates?! (34:00)
–What technology in the future will have as much impact as computers? (45:50)
–Ask the Economist (54:45)

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