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New Episode of Over 40 Gamer?!

May 26, 2008

Can it be?! After 5 months of nothing, could this podcast unpodfade? Yes. Yes, it can.

David from Friday Night Party Line joins me as we talk about Travian and Fate. With David’s help OFG rejoins teh internets.

Edit: I was trying desperately to remember Hellgate London, fyi.

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Toshiba Satellite u305-s2816: A review.

May 25, 2008

Toshiba Satellite U305-S2816 13.3" Laptop (Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo T8100 Processor, 2 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, Vista Premium) Onyx Blue
I’ve had my Toshiba for a couple of months now. I really could not be happier. I bought two so my wife and I could each have the same laptop. This helps me with computer support as any quirk one machine has, the other one probably has it too. Another reason I wanted two of these machines is because they have built in cameras. When I travel, my wife and I can have video conferences. We have done several of these on Skype and it’s been wonderful.

The first thing I did when I first started working with the laptops was to remove the crap-ware. In place of the stuff that was on the machine, I put Zone Alarm on and AVG. After removing the crap-ware, the machines were noticeably faster. Both machines run Vista Home Premium. I have found that on laptops, Vista generally behaves itself.

I’ve used a lot of laptops over the years. I’m old. I’ve had laptops from almost every brand available for business and for fun. What I like about these little Toshibas far outweighs what I don’t. The 13.3” screens fit quite nicely on airplane table trays. I went from never using my laptop on the plane to using it all the time. Plus the battery life is a real 4 hours. I use the laptop in battery mode all the time. Very satisfying.

The graphics are good enough to play decent games. I’ve been playing a cheap dungeon crawler called Fate. It’s a Diablo II clone that runs without difficulty on the laptop. I haven’t tried anything heavier, but I suspect there would be passing game performance for most games, Crysis notwithstanding.

This laptop has become the center of my universe. It’s light enough to take everywhere and I do.

As far as cons, I don’t like the fans. They must be computer controlled because they constantly cycle up and down. If I am in a quiet room, it’s noticeable. Of course, I have big ears and very sensitive hearing. Other than that, I’ve had one or two blue screens over the course of several months of use. Not bad. These laptops were cheaper than Mac Book Pros and in my opinion, a much better deal.

We actually did buy these from Amazon, by the way.

Scott Johnson on Friday Night Party Line Episode 27.

May 24, 2008

Scott Johnson from Extra Life Radio and The Instance is our special guest tonight. Our regular hosts are David, Viga and Thaed. Here are the topics:

–Take a look at at this New Yorker article
Are the distinctions made between invention and creation valid?
–In Monday’s WSJ, there is an article entitled: “The Digital Future of Books.” With the advent of the Kindle, and really even the web itself, how many years does print media have before it disappears entirely. What other issues come into play here such as can people even tolerate longer reading nowadays?
–What web comics do you you read? How difficult is it today for an artist to create a successful web comic?
–There were some changes suggested recently concerning orphan copyright procedure. If you could could change the copyright and patent system in the U.S., what would you do to it?
–Given higher gas prices, isn’t it time to do less traveling and more telecommuting? How much more can be done with telecommuting? Will more employers support it now? How high does gas have to go before more people see the value in virtual interaction? Are gas prices even a factor at all?
–Let’s comment on this article on 5 things humans no longer need.
What are some other things that humans no longer need?
–Ask the Economist

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Grandiosity versus the low profile.

May 20, 2008

It occurs to me that some people put a lot of effort into leaving comments on blogs, posts in forums and even idle chatter in IRC (if you have enough windows open). It seems to me that this is low profile effort. If instead, someone took that time and effort and did his or her own blog or podcast, the result would reach more people. I have nothing against comments, posts or chats. I do all three. However, it’s not my primary internet thing. I get a lot more return for the blogging and podcasting that I do from being someone else’s minion. Yet, perhaps there is room to be both a minion in one instance and a star in another.

Some new business models are entirely dependent on getting people to comment/post/chat. In other words, the goal is to get advertising to pay for access to these folks. Perhaps some people don’t realize that? Also, if your goal is to reach out to the internet famous person at the top of the particular new media stack, sitting in the IRC for the show might not be the best way. Certainly, it’s not if you want to actually have a conversation.

This is something I’m thinking a lot about as I expand my own internet hobby ventures. For me, it is solely about the fun.

Using my Thaed Twitter account again.

May 16, 2008

With what we’re doing with FNPL and other stuff, I’m embracing my internet schizophrenia and using my Thaed account on Twitter (in addition to real life).  You can follow me here.

I’ll use it to talk about what I’m doing online in my non-work endeavors.

Thaed on Geeknights.

May 15, 2008

Thank you to Rym and Scott for having me on Geeknights. We had great conversation and I really appreciate the opportunity to appear on a show that I’ve been a fan of for so long.  I didn’t know what to expect despite the fact that we’ve worked together already on FNPL.  Rym and Scott are among the most gifted people I have encountered online or in real life.  I know that their show will continue to be successful as long as they wish to do it.

Dr. Kiki on FNPL Episode 26.

May 10, 2008

I’ve talked about how much of a fan I am of the show popSiren.  So you can imagine my delight when Kirsten Sanford (a.k.a. Dr. Kiki) agreed to appear as a guest on Friday Night Party Line.  The experience can only be described as a confluence of awesome.  Dr. Sanford is a brilliant individual who has a knack for translating complex concepts into information anyone can understand.  She definitely raised the standard for FNPL.

This is inspirational and we are going to continue to seek out guests on the show to continue the tradition she has started.  Look for new guests to appear on the show in the coming months.

Our regular hosts tonight are David, Ray, Scott, Rym, Howard and Thaed.

Here are the topics:
1. Using multiple internet identities.  Is there a way to safely merge them
if you have a job where they care about what you do online?
2. What do you think about this article on The Great Filter Theory?
3. What is the most efficient way for a human being to absorb information: Video, audio or reading?
4. The Twitter revolution.  Penny Arcade covered it so it must be over,
right?  Are all the tweets just mayflies enjoying their one day or this an
enduring social phenomena?
5. What the hell happened to Ben Stein anyway?
6. How do you pass the time on airplanes?
7. Recently a guy in Pakistan used hypnosis instead of anethetic for surgery on his hand.  Is this fake?  Is hypnosis real?
8. Software Mnemonics.  What do you think about Evernote, Jott and Remember the Milk?

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