Scott Johnson on Friday Night Party Line Episode 27.

May 24, 2008

Scott Johnson from Extra Life Radio and The Instance is our special guest tonight. Our regular hosts are David, Viga and Thaed. Here are the topics:

–Take a look at at this New Yorker article
Are the distinctions made between invention and creation valid?
–In Monday’s WSJ, there is an article entitled: “The Digital Future of Books.” With the advent of the Kindle, and really even the web itself, how many years does print media have before it disappears entirely. What other issues come into play here such as can people even tolerate longer reading nowadays?
–What web comics do you you read? How difficult is it today for an artist to create a successful web comic?
–There were some changes suggested recently concerning orphan copyright procedure. If you could could change the copyright and patent system in the U.S., what would you do to it?
–Given higher gas prices, isn’t it time to do less traveling and more telecommuting? How much more can be done with telecommuting? Will more employers support it now? How high does gas have to go before more people see the value in virtual interaction? Are gas prices even a factor at all?
–Let’s comment on this article on 5 things humans no longer need.
What are some other things that humans no longer need?
–Ask the Economist

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