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Bird Poop Facial.

June 29, 2008

I saw this at PodCampOhio.

FNPL 29 with Grammar Girl!

June 21, 2008

Grammar Girl a.k.a Mignon Fogarty is our special guest!  Our regulars this show are Ray (who joins us midway) Scott, Rym and Thaed.  Check out Ms. Fogarty’s new book: Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.

Here are the topics:

–Nature v. Nurture objectively speaking. What dictates human behavior more?

–Klingon, Leet Speak, Nerdish and Esperanto. If we can agree what constitutes a language, are these languages? Should people bother trying to create artificial human languages? Is the goal of a universal lingua franca a meaningful goal? Why or why not?

–Shakespeare v. Marlowe v. everyone else.  Do you think Shakespeare was a real person? Do you think he stole from other playwrights? Which of the plays is your favorite and why?

–Oak Trees that grow as fast as bamboo; corn cobs full of gasoline. Think of at least two things that could be genetically engineered to make the world better if ethics were no obstacle.

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Pencil Drawing and Motivation.

June 14, 2008

I like to do pencil drawings. It is especially fun when I draw with my kids. We’ll all pick a picture and talk about what we’re drawing. I’m self taught so I try to teach them what I know about shading and drawing what you see. The point is to spend time together doing something creative.

As far as talent is concerned, I have none. I am not able to draw a scene from my mind. I am only able to draw exactly what I see. I have no illusions about this.

I did this from a picture of a dragonfly.

I did this from a book on drawing dragons (which is an awesome book that I will shamelessly plug on Amazon)

The amount of focus and energy it takes for me to divert my mind to drawing is immense. Of course it might be like trying to run when you’re out of shape (like I’m also doing now). I might be able to work faster if I draw more. With everything else, it is a question of competing interests. If I draw more, I’ll play games less or I’ll work less or I’ll do something else less.

Remember how I said that I draw with my kids? That is a real motivator to draw more. Plus, I need to get it through my thick head that drawing is better than gaming because you’re left with something you can enjoy forever. I’ve been playing with pencils for a dozen years. It is great to go back and look at how I’ve made progress (even if it is meager). You can’t do that with a video game.

My latest project is a famous artist’s self portrait. It is one of the most ambitious pencil drawings I’ve undertaken. It is going to take weeks to finish at my pace.

Friday Night Party Line #28.

June 7, 2008

With a decidedly economic focus, Scott, Rym Howard and I chewed through an hour or so of podcasting scenery. Here are the topics:

–What is the nature of sociometry? How much does attractiveness play a role? How does this translate to the internet?

–Dependency on oil will stop when:
a) we get a new president
b) the price of gasoline gets high enough
c) inevitably over time
d) it doesn’t matter because an asteroid will hit the earth and kill us all.
e) other.

–In a world where information wants to be free, why are lawyers so expensive?

–With cable tv, FM and satellite radio, IP TV, podcasts and god knows what else fragmenting media, what does this media fragmentation mean for content providers and for media companies themselves?

–What will the effect of the pull back in the credit markets be on the private equity world? Does it matter to consumers?

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