FNPL 29 with Grammar Girl!

June 21, 2008

Grammar Girl a.k.a Mignon Fogarty is our special guest!  Our regulars this show are Ray (who joins us midway) Scott, Rym and Thaed.  Check out Ms. Fogarty’s new book: Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.

Here are the topics:

–Nature v. Nurture objectively speaking. What dictates human behavior more?

–Klingon, Leet Speak, Nerdish and Esperanto. If we can agree what constitutes a language, are these languages? Should people bother trying to create artificial human languages? Is the goal of a universal lingua franca a meaningful goal? Why or why not?

–Shakespeare v. Marlowe v. everyone else.  Do you think Shakespeare was a real person? Do you think he stole from other playwrights? Which of the plays is your favorite and why?

–Oak Trees that grow as fast as bamboo; corn cobs full of gasoline. Think of at least two things that could be genetically engineered to make the world better if ethics were no obstacle.

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2 Responses to “FNPL 29 with Grammar Girl!”

  1. mankso Says:

    Hi Grammar Girl!
    I’m amazed that you can even think of putting Esperanto, initiated 121 years ago and now with a worldwide speech-community, in the same sentence as those other a priori made-up languages! 99.8% of the word-roots used in Esperanto come from existing ethnic languages, and the Prague Manifesto:
    will give you seven good reasons to answer your last question. ‘Universal bilingualism’ [YOUR language + Esperanto for everybody] is a most worthy goal, especially when we see the damage caused by the hegemony of one ethnic language, the unfair advantage given to its native-speakers, and the enormous economic benefits accruing to all English-speaking countries because of ESL/EFL. What happened to equal language rights and a linguistically level playing field?

  2. Brian Barker Says:

    Just a word in favour of Esperanto.

    Lest you think Esperanto is not a living language, rather than artificial can I suggest you glance at


    A multi-lingual site is http://www.esperanto.net

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