Friday Night Party Line Episode 30.

July 4, 2008

Lisa Bettany ( is our special guest on FNPL! Ray, Viga and Thaed are the regulars in the lineup. Here are the topics:

Esperanto related comments from the last show.

Does having children make you happy? Not all of us have kids yet, but this article (as found by Scott Rubin) seems pretty bleak. What do you think?

–According to this article, new software can quantify how many people are at a given place by identifying the number of cell phones present at a location by tying the information to GPS data. Thus, if a person wants to know where the crowd is on a given night, all he or she would have to do is check online. Is this good or bad? What other things could this technology be used for?

–Video editing. What is the best software for editing video for YouTube and home use? Which hardware is best for editing videos? Mac or PC (yes, I want to go there).

–While I think this blogger might not have been serious, what do you think about this concept of a Transhuman Olympics? So long as everyone knows what’s going on, would people watch? Is this desirable? Would it help science?

–Here’s an article about scientists who were killed or seriously injured in the line of duty. Beyond the risks that everyone must face every day by virtue of getting out of bed, would you risk terrible injury or death for your job?

–You have $5000.00 to spend. You can’t save it, you must spend it. What do you buy?

–What are you reading this summer? Plus, Ray creates an image in our minds.

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