Of hiatus and the broken brain.

March 6, 2009

In the many weeks that it has been that I have written here, real life has wholly absorbed my time. All creative energies have been spent keeping my meatspace presence a going concern. I often think about the blog and podcast but never find time and energy to work on them. FNPL 40 is in the can, but unedited.

The fact that I am writing these words gives me some hope that the tide is turning. But I have no idea if this is true. Time will tell.


4 Responses to “Of hiatus and the broken brain.”

  1. monkeytoe Says:

    I hope the tide is turning, for your sake (and mine since I enjoy the podcast and blog).

    Take care.

  2. Rolf Soldaat Says:

    I hope you get things straightened out soon, I’m really missing the Friday night party line.

  3. Bastich Says:

    Oh, come back, Thaed. I miss the FNPL show, too.

  4. thaed Says:

    There’s been more light lately. The first step is to edit FNPL #40. I am hoping to do some new shows in April.

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