Death of an alter-ego?

September 12, 2009

This blog has gone through some dead times before, but nothing like recently.  Most blogs don’t last.  This one I wrapped around my internet pseudonym and went with for years.  That alter-ego also produced two podcasts and had lots of fun on many internet forums.

Where is he now?

Last spring, a family member of mine had some heath problems that triggered a rather intense period of self evaluation.  As a result, I drastically changed how I spend my time.  I began to pursue new hobbies and interests and pretty much abandoned poor old Thaed and his blog and his one remaining podcast.

On days like today where I have bits of time not otherwise allocated I wonder if I couldn’t go back.  I doubt it.  Too much has changed.  I do miss many of my internet friends that I don’t get to talk to anymore because of FNPL’s dormancy.  Still, I doubt it will come back anytime soon.

So maybe this is the last blog post for Thaed or maybe not, but if you’re reading this, you must at least have wondered what happened.  Now you know.


3 Responses to “Death of an alter-ego?”

  1. Jame Says:

    Your podcast will be missed. I wish you the best of luck wherever life takes you.

  2. bastich Says:

    Hope everything is alright. I hope to see hear from you again soon.

  3. Spock the Cow Says:

    I have missed your podcast over the past year. Thanks for the 41 episodes we got, and I hope everything is going well for you.

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