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The bed at home beats the hotel bed any day.

February 20, 2008

So last night I stayed at a hotel on a business trip.  They had those Craftmatic Adjustable Beds.  At first, I made it as soft as I could get it.  That was ok for awhile, but then I blew it up again.  I kept waiting for Lindsay Wagner to jump out and tell me what her setting number was.  I think I slept for 10 hours, so it must have been a good bed.  Heck, it’s a robot bed, what could make me happier?

Even so, tonight, lying here in my own bed writing this on my laptop, there is no place on earth that I’d rather be.  When I travel, I get homesick.  It never fails.  When I’m in the airplane, I think about home.  When I’m in the hotel, I think about home.  When I’m home, I think about home.

The good people at iRobot have a device that you can operate away from home and interact with the people there.  I think that would make me even more homesick.