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Plug for Rangerider’s Blog.

September 21, 2007

You’ve heard his sage, conservative voice on FNPL.  Now you can read the words that come from his mind.  Check out Rangerider’s Weblog for discussion on economics, gardening and Ubuntu.  I suspect that topics will eventually move into other areas as all blogs do.  Heck, I’ve taken pictures of steak dinners more than once and blogged about that.  In any event, if you like smart content, you’ll want to add this blog to your RSS feed.

Flogged by the Frog.

September 6, 2006

I asked for it. I submitted Mental Interface for review by the good people at Frog My Blog. I did this on a whim because I read about another blogger who liked the site. I probably should have read the kind of reviews that they do first, but I didn’t and there you have it.

The reviewer took issue with my minimalist approach. Of course, this is intentional. If I could make it more minimalist, I would. This is probably the least cluttered template WordPress has. The idea behind it is that you’re just getting the content because that’s all that’s important, at least to me. This is not to say that other sites that use color and graphics aren’t great, that’s not the focus of this blog.

The reviewer also called Mental Interface a product review blog. It’s not. Sure I talk about gadgets and they caught me on a week where I did a fair amount of that. But looking at the tags on the site, you’ll see that there is much more. Later, though, the reviewer states: “I’m not a big fan of product review blogs. I’m quite sure I don’t know anybody who actually reads them on a regular basis.” In my view, this suggests that no one reads product review sites. Engadget, Gizmodo, heck even Consumer Reports might beg to differ. That’s an example of someone saying something is bad for everyone just because that person doesn’t like it. Ironically, however, again, Mental Interface’s purpose is not to review products or to provide helpful advice. It is purely a voice for my mind on any topic I desire on any given whim. It’s not for everyone.

The Froggers suspect that either I keep my social life completely separate from my blog or I don’t get out much. Both are true, actually. Mental Interface is a creative outlet for me but it represents only a slice of what’s going on at any given time. I keep my work and my personal life out of it. What’s left isn’t very appetizing for most people. People who want to read about personal issues have an endless variety of blogs from which to choose. Mental Interface gets 150-250 hits a day and I’m content with that.

All in all, I hope I don’t sound defensive. I chose to have them review the blog. I’m happy the reviewer took the time and spent the energy to write an opinion. Plus it’s given me blog fodder and I’m always grateful for that. Given the reviewer’s perspective, I wear the one out of five rating with pride.

Topics for Friday Night Party Line, May 12, 2006.

May 9, 2006

It could be a banner week for FNPL.  We stand to have as many as 6 guests, 50/50 guys and gals.  I want to say thanks and give a link back to K at A Yoga Coffee Outlook.  She's going to be one of our guests this Friday and it's her first time on a podcast.

Here are this week's topics:

1.  The summer blockbuster movie schedule is fast upon us.  There's lots of mutant and superhero action coming and plenty of comedy and adventure too.  What movies are you looking forward to this summer? 

2.  Do you do any sort of exercise or physical activity that requires training or special skills?  How did you come to take it up?  What makes you keep doing it?

3.  I had the occasion to see Itzhak Perlman play this week.  In my mind, he defines the term virtuoso.  He takes his natural gifts and fulfills their potential.  What examples of virtuosity have you seen in your experiences?  Is it ultimately better to be a master of something or to be merely good at many things?

4.  Do you ever think humans will be able to stop the aging process?  Would you take advantage of it if we had the technology?  Would you have surgery to make yourself look younger?  How far would you go?

5.  Few people would run their lives based on astrology, yet just as we have fun opening fortune cookies, most of us know our our astrological signs.  Some of us may even know a bit more.  Do you ever say "that explains a lot" when you find out someone's sign?  Do you read your horoscope at least every once in a while?  Why does astrology still have enough pull today to appear in the newspaper?

6.  On, there's an article about a new robot suit "that could help older people or those with disabilities to walk or lift heavy objects."  This suit is sleeker and less cumbersome than some of the bulky things that have been available in the past.  Is the age of the iron man here?  Have you seen the YouTube video of the guy with these spring stilts on his feet jumping around Las Vegas?  It's just another example. 

7.  There have been many TV shows based on animals (Mr. Ed, Flipper) and many commercials based on animals (Geccos, Tuna).  What is your favorite TV animal and why?

8.  There's an article from the AP this week that says women can look at a guy's face and tell which guy is interested in becoming a father.  Then they can also which ones they are interested in for "short term romantic partners."  Is this real?

9.  Generally speaking, women live longer than men.  I have an article that claims to know why.  Why do you think that is?

10.  I put up a link in my to  It's television shows that you can watch online.  They have 24, Boston Legal, The Daily Show even Thundercats!  I'm not sure that that site is particularly legal, but there are lots of sites that are.  I have a computer hooked up to a television upstairs.  Is the average person going to start watching TV from his or her computers with content delivered from the internet?